Rocket Lake 11900K beats out 5800X in new benchmarks

Rocket Lake 11900K beats out 5800X in new benchmarks

With just weeks to go until the official launch of Intel's upcoming Rocket Lake S CPUs, we're seeing more and more benchmarks of these new generation CPUs and what they can do. The latest ones pit the eight core, flagship Core i9-11900K against the AMD Ryzen 5800X and 5700G in CPU-z, Cinebench, V-Ray, and PCMark tests, among others. The result is a resounding win for the 11900K.

Although this is a flagship chip facing off against a not-quite-flagship one, the comparison is relatively apt. There isn't much single threaded performance difference between the 5800X and 5900X, and both the 11900K and 5800X have eight cores and 16 threads a piece. The 11900K, however, has a much higher clock speed, maxing out at 5.2GHz, whereas the 5800X hits an absolute peak of 4.7GHz. it does enjoy a higher IPC, which keeps it within 10 percent of the Intel CPU, but it's not enough to secure a win in any of the benchmarks.

As the WCCFTech collated results show, the Core i9-11900K beats the 5800X in almost every benchmark, only pulling ever so slightly ahead in the Cinebench R15 one thread test. Elsewhere, the 11900K typically has a five to 10 percent point lead in both single threaded and multithreaded benchmarks.

How comparable these chips really are depends on price, though. The 11900K might not go head to head with the 5900X at all, and instead sit closer to the $450 that the 5800X is supposed to be priced at (if there weren't massive shortages).

It may need to, really. Because while the 11900K looks poised to retake the gaming crown from AMD, a 12-core 5900X is likely to dominate the 11900K in multithreaded workloads.