Sega is going to make big Microsoft cloud games

Sega is going to make big Microsoft cloud games

Sega has inked a huge deal with Microsoft to start making large scale games using its Azure datacenter platform. The games don't have any definitive genre or focus for now, but they are said to focus on a "global" scale, leveraging heavily the online interactions between players, to build robust communities. There's also been some suggestion of using existing IPs, though whether that's Microsoft's or Sega's, remains to be seen.

The deal is being called Sega's new "Super Game" initiative, and will both make use of Azure for the games themselves, and game development. There seems to be some suggestion that Sega will create virtual game development environments as part of the deal, though that's hardly explicit.

What's intriguing about this is that this sounds quite similar to a deal Microsoft made with Sony a few years prior, though that deal was made exclusively with Azure, where this one was made with the head of Xbox Game Pass. That suggests that we're looking at Sega games that can be enjoyed remotely and streamed over Microsoft's cloud service.

This looks like we'll see a number of Xbox and PC exclusives from Sega in the years to come. The question is, what will those be? Sega doesn't maintain a huge number of successful franchises any more, though it's possible we could see the return or Virtua Fighter, Bayonetta, and Phantasy Star Online.

What games would you like to see Sega revitalise for Xbox Game Pass?

Image: WCCFTech