Serious Sam 2 just got a massive update

Serious Sam 2 just got a massive update

Serious Sam 2 is a 15-year-old game, but that doesn't mean Croteam doesn't throw it some love now and again. In a still-unprecedented move, however, they're just updated the game with a massive content boost. Serious Sam 2 now has new weapons, and 12 new multiplayer maps, as well as a new in-game radar for highlighting objectives, NPCs, and the hordes of enemies you'll face, and a few bug fixes for good measure.

Serious Sam 2 built on the success of its predecessor in a hilariously over the top homage to 90s shooters, with tens of on-screen enemies at a time, a ridiculous array of satisfying and overpowered weapons, and a pumping soundtrack. In an ironic twist, it was the series that Duke Nuke'm Forever tried so hard to emulate six years later. And now it's bigger and better than ever.

The new version of the game now includes the Beamgun, which offers newly explosive ways to tackle the game's various overblown enemies. There are also 12 new multiplayer maps to fight over, including Yodeller, Hole, Stadium, and Desert Temple.

HUD elements have all been upscaled for easier viewing on higher resolutions, there's better animations for various weapons, and a number of fixes to streamline the experience.

If you want it, Serious Sam 2 is just $1.50 as part of the series' 20 year anniversary.