Someone's Making A new Ninja Turtles Beat 'em Up

Someone's Making A new Ninja Turtles Beat 'em Up

If you have a hankering for classic arcade-style, side-scrolling beat'em ups, then you're in luck, a new one is under development at Dotemu and Tribute Games and it's not just any old beat'em up. It's a Ninja Turtles one. It's called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge and will feature classic arcade action, with up to four player cooperative play through levels inspired by Turtles in Time, like the streets of New York City, and the bizarre barrens of Dimension X, and from roof tops to dingy sewers.

The graphics are in a classic pixellated style, with the Turtles themselves in their '80s cartoon guises. That means less ripped physiques and cheesy humor that even breaks the 4th wall on occasion.

The main turtles will be playable, but it also looks like you'll be able to take on the role of some of the series' major side characters, like April O' Neal, and Splinter. If Casey Jones doesn't make an appearance in some form, I'll be disappointed.

Classic enemies like Shredder, BeBop and Rocksteady will be there for you to battle against, as well as a host of new ones. Krang will no doubt show up along the way.

No word on a planned release date for the game as of yet, but it looks to be fairly far along in development. It's currently on Steam for Wishlisting if you want to give some notice of your interest.