Sonic Mania is taking Sonic back to his roots

Sonic Mania is an upcoming Sonic game that will look to return the series to its roots, by not only reverting to classic, 2D gameplay, but by visiting old haunts of the iconic blue hedgehog. We get a good look at this in the latest trailer for the game, which takes gamers back to Greenhill Zone.

Greenhill Zone stems from the very first Sonic game from 1991, which means that this is the first time Tails has officially been there, since he didn't feature until Sonic 2. He is back for Sonic Mania though, which means that he'll be able to fly you around as an AI, or with a younger sibling in what the developers are calling "1.5 player mode," because just like the original Sonic games, if he runs too fast, tails is left behind.

Still, the functionality is there for younger brothers to once again take on the role of that secondary character, leaving the rest of us to plough through levels at high speed, facing off against iconic bosses in iconic environments, all with an added twist of modernity.

Sonic Mania is set to launch on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017.

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