Sony is killing Microsoft this console generation

If there was any doubt that Sony was very much leading what is now the current generation of consoles, the sales numbers for the first quarter have come in and boy are they in favour of the Japanese electronics maker.

According to stats posted over at GamesIndustry, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 managed to ship (not sell) 1.1 million units to retailers over the past quarter, while Sony managed to sell over 3.5 million of its PS4 and PS3 systems.

That is an enormous gulf, especially considering Microsoft recently made an effort to bring the price of the Xbox One down by dropping the Kinect, though the gap it created between the version with and the one without was so small that it hardly seems worth it.

Sony ultimately pulled in over $2.5 billion in this past quarter, mostly thanks to sales of the PS4 which also contributed to the 96 per cent boost in sales for Sony's Games division in the past three months.

Nintendo on the other hand posted a reasonable loss of just under $100 million. This is actually quite an upturn for the company however, as it managed to shift over half a million Wii Us in the same period, with over 2.8 million copies of Mario Kart 8 sold as well.

That's a big upswing for the Wii U, which has struggled over the past year and a half but now seems to be making some semblance of a resurgence.

What do you guys think about this console generation? Sony is tearing away at the front, but will Microsoft be able to take the number two spot, or will Nintendo sneak in there?

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