Sony's PSVR2 looks very next-gen

Sony's PSVR2 looks very next-gen

Sony has revealed what its next-generation PlayStation VR headset looks like and it's a good look bit of kit. It has a smooth exterior, some clever inside-out tracking cameras, and some svelte looking controllers. It's a 4K HDR headset, so should blow away the original PSVR, and most PC alternative headsets too, though that does raise questions about its eventual price tag.

The original PSVR launched on the PS4 with its own processing breakout box in 2016. It was an instant hit, and though it didn't quite live up to the expectations of PC-based virtual reality, and has since been lapped by much more detailed and featureful headsets, it's still the best and only console VR headset available.

The PSVR2, though, will change that, uprating the display resolution, improving tracking, controller interaction, refresh rate, and ergonomics, making for a more comfortable, better looking, and better designed headset, that can do more, and improve the VR experience for PlayStation 5 owners.

We don't yet have a release date, or a price tag for this next-gen headset, and there is the potential for it to be rather expensive. The original PSVR launched at just $350, so whether we'll see a similar price for this much higher-end bit of kit.

How much would you pay for a PSVR2?