S.T.A.L.K.E.R. QnA

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. QnA S.T.A.L.K.E.R. QnA

New information about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has seen the light of day in the form of a Q&A confirming that September 2006 is the targeted release date with Q1, 2007 as a backup date. We are also told to expect a demo very soon but one which will only feature a short mission.

The mention of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stirs gamer passions as the frequent delays coupled with the promise shown in early builds of the game have frustrated many. Now Russian developer GSC Game World has answered some fan questions on the sidelines of a Russian awards event which also saw the release of some new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video footage.

The questions were put to Oleg Yavorsky, Head of GSC Public Relations, after the game was showcased during the Gameland Awards in Russia by a Russian fan of the game and member of the official developer forums.

Release date? Please, please, please, please...at least guess.

It is in September.

2007, right?

No, in 2006. Q1 in 2007 is a backup date, the demo has been given to THQ and they are testing it and making requests on what they think needs to be changed. This process has begun a while ago and is almost done. Currently we are fixing what THQ is asking for. In case that is not done by sept. 2006, the game will be postponed until 2007, but that seems unlikely.

Approximate Number of weapons?

That is too specific, I don't have the game memorized. Sorry.

Approximate number of vehicles? Examples?

Let me guess: Same as the last question?

Yeah, but there is the Moskvich.

Any 7.62mm rifles besides the Dragunov?

The AK-47 is in, for sure. There was a typo on that site, the AK-74 is supposed to be AK-47. And the AKS-74u will be in as well.

Is the 1980-86 GAZ Volga in?

Too specific, but there is a possibility. From what I know, it is not.

How will jamming be done with weapons? How do you unjam them?

When a weapon jams, an icon appears that signifies "weapon inoperable". If you are good with weapons and have proper knowledge, that won't be a problem.

So if your Makarov jams, and you know what to do in this situation, you can clear it the way you would in real life?

To a point, yes. With the Makarov, you press "reload" and the magazine is removed, the slide pulled back and the casing or round that failed to fire is ejected, then the mag is inserted again and the chamber loaded with one more pull. Just like in real life, but the way around it is to clean the weapon regularly, but the AK-47 is very hard to jam.

Is it game over if you are taken over by a controller? How can you be saved?

don't remember, too specific. Sorry.

Why is the Makarov cocking sound exactly like the sound of cocking the H & K USP .45 Tactical in Counter Strike 1.6? Why did you not record the actual sound of cocking a real Makarov

At the time that clip was made (the one I {Siro} am referring to is the one on the site), the sounds were not finished. We had to improvise, the sound is different now. We may have gotten a better one at this stage.

RPG-style weapon modification? Or will there be actual animations?

It will be RPG-style. You will add the upgrade through your inventory and then next time you take the weapon out the upgrade will be on it.

Will it be possible to change the settings of the camera while driving a vehicle (for instance to bring closer or further away the camera view?

The camera will be movable, definitely. And it will also be possible to fire small-arms from your car while driving.

Are vehicles customizable?

No, what you find is what you get.

What about the Moskvitch with the roof missing in one screen? There were no Moskvitch convertibles back then.

But then again, some owners liked to modify their automobiles to suit their needs back then. You won't have the tools to modify them in the Zone post-explosion, we will stick with that.

Will a demo be released, when the promo campaign starts?

Yes. As soon as we are done with the beta testing and refinement.

Is a demo possible at all due to life simulation system? Will it work then?

Yeah, it is. But the demo will be too short to show the full capabilities of the life simulation. It will probably be a mission. It is too early to tell, though.

Will a map editor be included in the final version (for multiplayer)?

Yes. We are working on that. No idea how we will include it yet (as in a seperate disk on the actual game).

When an interaction with objects is required like opening doors will they open magically like in hl2 or there will be an actual animation of player's hand reaching for the door knob?

Right now, same as with the weapon modifications, we are trying to keep it as simple as we can. Honestly, you have to find a door first.

Has the reload animation got the same speed no matter what the situation is, for instance when a bloodsucker is charging at the player or when there is no enemies at all (after a firefight)?

Again, simple as possible. It will be the same speed.

On the final release is there going to be any bonus material like interviews with developers, a documentary about the making of stalker and especially what was happening there during the media silence?

Haha, yeah. We got some pretty nice bonuse features.

What about the languages of NPC's are they going to speak in Ukrainian, Russian, or English (I'm referring to the EU release)?

It is going to be in Russian and Ukrainian with English subtitles for foreign releases.

After finishing the game is it possible to unlock new content (like bonus maps levels, weapons,quests, and characters)?

Yes, we have some pretty nice bonuses for you guys. We might include it in a seperate cd as a "making of" or keep it as an unlockable.

Thank you very much Oleg.

To view a video of Mr. Yavorsky's band playing some music from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. during the awards while in-game footage plays in the background (warning quality is low), follow the download tab above.

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