Steam Chat upgrade lets you filter what you want

Steam Chat upgrade lets you filter what you want

The newly upgraded Steam Chat now gives you much more control over what you see from other players. Don't want to see abusive messages? No problem, you can now fine tune your filtering to remove everything nasty, or just the most heinous of attacks. Prefer a more open experience with no filtering whatsoever? That's entirely up to you and perfectly viable.

Originally a feature of specific games like CS:GO, DotA 2, and Destiny 2, Chat Filtering then moved to Steam Labs feature where it was tested by early adopters for several months and is now available for wider use. The customization is deep, with not only preset options, but the ability to select specific words and phrases you don't want to be confronted with while playing.

"We believe this level of control is especially important given that language is constantly evolving and is used differently among various communities around the world," Valve said in a statement.

For the time being, this feature is available in all Steam chat conversations and in select supporting games, though that list is likely to increase in the months to come. Other forms of user generated content will also see some chat filtering options in the future, though Valve hasn't been specific about quite how far reaching it will be.

Is this a feature you'll be making use of to clean up your gaming experience?