Steam just hit 22 million concurrent users

Steam records continue to tumble as we hit another milestone during the Coronavirus shutdown. Less than a week after breaking the 20 million concurrent users barrier, we've now hit 22 million, with signs that the trend will only continue upwards in the weeks and months to come as more parts of the world are shutdown to slow the spread of the infection.

Before this cascade of concurrent players began in recent weeks, the last big record was set during PUBG's peak popularity in January 2018, with 18.5 million players all jumping online at the same time. Not all were playing games, but they were all online. As China started to shutdown towards the end of January, we saw spikes begin, hitting 18.8 million Steam gamers logged in on February 2, and then 19.1 million during Chinese New Year.

Then 20 million happened. And now 22 million. How high do you think that number will go before this crisis is over?

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