Street Fighter V is adding Final Fight's Abigail on July 25

The next character set to arrive in Street Fighter V won't be a mainstay from the series, even if they are no newcomer to the beat'em up genre. Abigail is most typically found brawling away in the Final Fight series, but not in just over a week's time. Now he's coming to Street Fighter V, where his oversized muscularity will have a whole new series of challenges to take on.

Abigail is the fourth character to be released in this second season of Street Fighter V reveals and he features a number of interesting moves and attacks, from standard punches and kicks, to more complex throws and even a few drop kick moves -- impressive for someone of that size.

While Abigail was originally a boss character in the Final Fight series, he's purely protagonistic in this latest release, letting players of all types play with him offline and on, looking to deliver a masterful KO no matter where you take him. Set to debut on July 25, Abigail also brings with him a brand new stage: the Metro City Bay Area. It's dark and dingy, with broken down cars and a big neon sign letting you know for sure that this is Abigail's turf and you're going to have to brawl with him if you stumble into it.

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