Syndicate Banned In Australia For Being Gruesomely Awesome

Despite all the discussions there and Government's decision to introduce 18+ Adults Only rating to the country's rating system, the notorious Australian Classification Board has denied gamers access to yet another promising game: Syndicate.

As usual, the Australian Classification Board banned the game by refusing to grant it an age rating, arguing that it doesn't suit the country's current maximum rating of MA 15+. The board issued a report that largely blamed the game's extreme violence for making it unsuitable for Australian teenagers at the age of 15.

"Combatants take locational damage and can be explicitly dismembered, decapitated or bisected by the force of the gunfire," the report notes. "The depictions are accompanied by copious bloodspray and injuries are shown realistically and with detail. Flesh and bone are often exposed while arterial sprays of blood continue to spirt from wounds at regular intervals."

EA has no intention to appeal the decision or to alter the game. "The game will not be available in Australia despite its enthusiastic response from fans. We were encouraged by the government's recent agreement to adopt an 18+ age rating for games. However, delays continue to force an arcane censorship on games - cuts that would never be imposed on books or movies," EA corporate communications exec Tiffany Steckler made it clear. "We urge policy makers to take swift action to implement an updated policy that reflects today's market and gives its millions of adult consumers the right to make their own content choices."

To be honest, after reading the Australian board's report we can't wait to put our hands on Syndicate. The game is scheduled for release on February 21 in North America and February 24 in Europe.

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