THQ Considering Linux Development

Linux THQ

We've talked about the future of PC gaming before and how it might end up being dominated by Linux, simply because many developers just don't like Windows 8. Now though we have THQ praising Linux and suggesting that perhaps in the future, its games will be made compatible with the niche OS.

This comes off the back of the Humble THQ Bundle, which raised just over $5 million for the developer and several charities. However it also drummed up a lot of debate over whether the Humble Bundle service should be exclusive for those that have Mac and Linux ports and don't use DRM of any kind. These messages haven't fallen on deaf ears it seems, as THQ's president, Jason Rubin, took to Twitter to address people's interest in future development opportunities:

"Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak."

While of course it may end up that internal balance sheet checking and testing suggests that it wouldn't be worth it for THQ to develop for Linux as well as Windows, there is the potential there for one of the world's most well known publishers to release its future games on the OS. With others turning away from Windows 8 and potentially now some swinging into the Linux camp, it's just more evidence that the gaming operating system of the future won't necessarily be Windows.