Top 10 MegaGames Of 2007 Voting Closed

As much as we like to know more about our fans' favorite games, the voting must come to an end so that we would start counting.

Frankly, the year 2007 hasn't been one of the greatest years in gaming history. Apart from very few titles such as Portal and -to some extent- Assassin's Creed, we haven't seen any revolutionary games in 2007. The innovation put forth by Wii's brilliant design has not been garnered yet by any game in its rapidly expanding titles list. Developers are still struggling to figure out Playstation 3 and some of them believe that we might be more than 2 years away from harnessing the console's true power. Xbox 360 doesn't feel "Next-Gen" any more, and has been falling behind PC for a while. PC, on the other hand suffered from the console wars as developers had to allocate a lot of resources for console development.

But it is not all that gloomy. The year 2007 didn't see much new innovations in gameplay, but it sure has seen several game developers and designers mastering their artistic craft. Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and Unreal Tournament 3 are all sequels which offered nothing blatantly new but they all mastered what they offered.

Voting for the Top 10 MegaGames of 2007 has been officially closed. We have already started counting the votes and the results will be announced soon.

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