Twitch Plays Pokemon had more live players than LoL

League of Legends is the biggest game at the moment, as long as you count out casual offerings like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and their contemporaries. LoL has tens of millions of active players, so you wouldn't have thought it would be easily beaten out by a single game of Pokemon would you? Well it was.

The Twitch Plays Pokemon stream has viewers all contributing to a single game of Pokemon Red. They do so via the stream's chat, which translates their commands (up, down, left, right, start, a, or b) into the game, allowing them to control "Red," or whatever they named him.

But there's not just a handful of people collaborating on a single game, it's tens of thousands of people at a time. So far over 14 million people have contributed to the stream and at its peak, Twitch Plays Pokemon had more live players than every ongoing League of Legends game.

And it did that, yesterday. Since then the numbers have continued to grow and we've seen well over 50,000 people playing the game at one time. No wonder it's taking them forever to do anything.

More recently though, the stream has filled with the cries of "anarchy," and "democracy," as two potential input systems has been implemented by the stream's creator. In anarchy mode, individual commands are as complex as it gets, whereas in democracy mode, you can combine them. "Up1left3" for example. However to use either mode, it must be voted in by 75 per cent of the players, so changing is nigh on impossible.

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