UK Is Investigating No Man's Sky's Misleading Marketing

While No Man's Sky managed to sell an unexpectedly high number of copies in its first days in market, it quickly became apparent that the gamed failed to deliver on its promises and a large percentage of buyers started asking for refunds.

After receiving a "large number of complaints" related to the game, the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has decided to investigate No Man's Sky marketing in addition to its official trailers and screenshots on Steam.

The ASA wouldn't reveal any details about its ongoing investigation, but one purported complainant summarized the response he got from the agency on Reddit. According to AzzerUK, the ASA believes that Valve and Hello Games have joint responsibility for misleading buyers. Some of the misrepresentations noted by the ASA include the missing large-space space combat, unsophisticated flying mechanics that lack the ability to fly near the ground or with a wingman, aiming systems and restricted animal behavior.

The ASA's authority is limited to marketing and advertisements only though. Should the agency find the game's marketing to be misleading, it can compel Hello Games to replace it but it is not allowed to fine the offending parties or force them to refund buyers.

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