UK Retailers Jump The Gun On Tomb Raider Release

Tomb Raider

Some British retailers have jumped the gun on the release of the Tomb Raider reboot. The chain in question was UK supermarket giant Tesco, which had many of its outlets with the Tomb Raider title on its shelves as early as March 2nd - three days before the game's worldwide release.

Surprisingly as well, the price tag was a lower than usual £32 ($47), instead of the usual £40+. As of this morning copies were still available, but as the news has broken around the country, Tesco's game buying manager Jon Moss came forward and said that it was being systematically removed from store shelves - ready to be reinstated tomorrow, March 5th.

"We take any street date break extremely seriously and are in the process of contacting stores to reiterate this message and ensure the product is taken off sale until midnight," he said in a statement.

Publisher of the game, Square Enix, has suggested that it is investigating how this happened. It'll be interesting to see if it affects future stocking of titles from Square.

At least this game is getting a worldwide release date where everyone is on the same page. I railed against the old adage of releasing games two or three days later in different markets - and weeks later in others. It makes much more sense to do it all at the same time, even if those releases are obviously, far from perfect.

Image Source: Twitter