Valheim update adds something new to swamp, fixes bugs

Iron Gate has released a new patch for Valheim which promises "something stirring in the swamps." Apparently, taking it down, whatever it is, will give you the chance to craft a brand new set of ancient wood-inspired armor. This brings the game to version 0.205.5 and it fixes a number of outstanding issues with the game, including music transition problems, network issues with auto-stacks, jmp animations, and player animation issues.

Valheim isn't quite the player base powerhouse it once was, with millions of people playing it as they did earlier this year when it first hit Early Access. However, it still maintains a strong following, and after the major(ish) Hearth and Home update earlier this year, developer Iron Gate is continuing to update it. This latest patch promises some new things to discover in the ever-dangerous swamps, as well as fixing music, and other aspects of the game which players have complained about for a while.

Alongside this patch Iron Gate also gave some scant updates about its next big update: Mistlands. The existing Mistlands had placeholder art until a few weeks ago when Iron Gate ripped away all the big trees and spider webs and replaced it with a new, barren landscape with a new floor texture. It's since added to that with some actual mists which will crowd around any players that come across it -- even if there isn't anything in it to discover just yet. Probably.

Mistlands is expected to launch by the end of the year, though Iron Gate has promised a roadmap update in the near future, so it may be that Mistlands is pushed into early 2022 in the near future.

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