Valve trademarks Half Life 3

Keep your pants on guys, but Valve has finally gone and given us the nod that Half Life 3 might actually be developed one day. This isn't an indication that it's ready for release or that it's even being worked on right now, but it is the biggest move Valve has publicly made regarding the long awaited sequel.

Filed on September 29th, the trademark is quite clearly linked to Valve and is referencing a video game or electronic entertainment device, not a movie, comic, book or any other medium that the next/final chapter in Gordon Freeman's story might be told.

Even with the recent announcements of Valve's SteamOS, SteamBox and SteamController, a Half Life 3 announcement would be massive if anything did come of this. Many commenters have suggested that it might end up being a SteamBox launch title - which would guarantee a lot of day-one buys from PC fans. Of course though if it was released then, it would also be available on the PC, because Valve is not building a closed platform with its lounge-boxes.

Still, the question remains, with so many years since the release of the last Half Life game, has interest in the franchise begun to wane?

Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released back in 2007 and the much fuller game, Half Life 2 came out way back in 2004, so it seems likely that some of the fans of the series will have moved on in their affections.

What about you guys? If Half Life 3 came out tomorrow, would you buy it?

Image: NeoGAF

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