Vermintide 2 is getting Beastmen in next expansion

Warhammer End Times: Vermintide 2 made big improvements on its prequel with the introduction of new, Chaos enemies to contend with. They were bigger, meaner, and posed a new challenge for experienced Vermintide players while expanding the variety of foes to gun and slash down. This summer that roster will expand further with the introduction of Beastmen as part of the Winds of Magic expansion, bringing a whole host of bovine enemies to take on.

Although Vermintide 2 has had a number of DLC releases already, Winds of Magic will be the game's first official expansion, adding a lot of new content to the game, including an increased level cap for players, a higher difficulty mode for the masochistic out there, new weapons to craft and earn, and most importantly, the Beastmen. Long-time allies of the Chaos faction, Beastmen are faster than their armor-bound compatriots and no less ferocious.

They will reportedly be the toughest enemies yet faced, combining elements from both the Skaven and Chaos foes that have been fought before. They join the ranks of enemies after a meteor crashed nearby, no doubt infecting them with the warpstone tendrils that long ago drove the Skaven mad in turn. They'll come crashing out of the forest of the Old World to try and take Helmgart for themselves.

As if that wasn't enough of a challenge, Fat Shark is introducing the titular Winds of Magic which will allow players to add random elements to the game that adjust its difficulty in a variety of ways, from tweaking enemies, to map layout, to special abilities that enhance and hinder them. There will also be unique boss fights that can only be accessed after completing special objectives.

All of this is coming to PCs and consoles this summer.

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