VirtualFX Changes Any Game to 3D

VirtualFX  Changes Any Game to 3D

eDimensional has announced the release of the new VirtualFX 2D to 3D TV Converter - bringing a true virtual reality experience to your standard home television.

At USD 129.95 including 2 pairs of wireless 3D glasses, eDimensional's new VirtualFX instantly converts any existing video game into a mind-blowing 3D experience, giving players the most lifelike gaming environment ever created - literally putting them inside the game. Fighter planes seemingly buzz by just inches away, racecars zoom at awesome velocity, and First Person Shooters are suddenly a battlefield reality.

You can find out details by reading the MegaGames VirtualFX Review

In addition to enhancing the gaming experience, the proprietary E-D technology can also be used to watch DVDs and even live TV in real 3D on a standard television (plasma, LCD and projection screens are not supported).

Our E-D 3D Glasses for the PC have been extremely popular for years, but our recent breakthrough allows us to finally bring that same amazing 3D effect eDimensional is known for to the TV. explains Michael Epstein, president of eDimensional.

The VirtualFX package comes complete with two pair of wireless 3D glasses, one converter box and a remote control. Installation of the VirtualFX is a snap and is hooks up just as easily as a regular DVD player. A dual-emitter transmitter is utilized to give the widest viewing angle and range possible and to beam a signal to perfectly synchronize the refresh rate of the screen with the glasses. This transmission also allows for additional users who have their own pair of wireless glasses which can be purchased individually for just USD 25.

The VirtualFX is available now through the official website, link available by following download tab above. As a bonus offer for the holidays, eDimensional is including three 3D IMAX DVDs (USD 60 value), originally shown in IMAX theaters and specially made for exceptional 3D effects.