Voice Navigated Internet

Voice Navigated Internet

Imagine if your computer could understand you. If you could just talk to it. Ask it questions and get answers back. Or at least get intelligent questions back. If you could tell it what to do and it would simply do it. Let's face it, not everyone is easy to deal with.

But now your computer can hold up its end of a conversation thanks to revolutionary technology from a pioneering company.

IVIT (Intelligent Voice Interactive Technology) has taken the talking computer out of science fiction and made it fact.

You've probably already seen early attempts at rudimentary speech-recognition products. Command & Control applications such as voice-activated cell phones, electronic toys and automotive accessories. Or perhaps the more sophisticated Interactive Voice Response products that help you with things like airline reservations, banking and stock trading via a pre-defined and tightly-limited vocabulary. You might have even tried a Continuous Dictation application intended to make word processing easier, only to stumble over countless synonyms, homonyms and alternative meanings. All of these solutions share some common problems. They don't have the intelligence to infer a decision or even ask for clarification. And they can't learn to do so.

IVIT, on the other hand, is a state-of-the-art engine created from artificial intelligence, an expert system, a series of knowledge bases and natural language processing. As such, it doesn't simply respond to Command & Control phrases. It actually understands concepts such as topic, subject and synonym relationship. It can ask you intelligent questions to help clarify and it learns from interaction.

IVIT is the only technology engine today that lets you actually speak your mind to your computer. And it's the brains behind IVAN, the Intelligent Voice Animated Navigator.