Vote for Video Game Vixens

Vote for Video Game Vixens

Gaming is getting its own beauty pageant as G4TV is preparing to announce the best video game vixens. Categories such as Best Booty and Kinkiest Accessory are bound to finally destroy the myth that gaming is primed for the male player.

Gamers will get to vote for the Vixen of the Year, a prize which game developers have already started campaigning for. The ladies up for the prize are:

Xiaoyu Tekken 5
Cassandra Soul Calibur
Lucia Devil May Cry 2
Mistress Suki Outlaw Golf 2
Sally Mae Leisure Suit Larry, Magna Cum Laude
Hitomi DOA 3
Shahdee PoP: Warrior Within
Donna Outlaw Golf 2, Outlaw Volleyball
Mistress Spencer Rumble Roses
Bloody Shadow Rumble Roses

Gamers can vote on the G4TV website, link available from download tab above, although we would recommend that you consider the merit of such a competition. As entertaining as the idea of casting a vote for the Baddest Good Girl or the Best Booty may be you will, in fact, be voting for games that, in their vast majority, really had very little else to offer. Now would you want to encourage the developers of those games to continue to produce inferior product as long as they can show you a more realistic woman or girl?

Expect the show to be presented by women who think that Silicon Valley is a pet name for their cleavage and men who admire them for that. The show airs on Tuesdays on G4TV.