Walking Dead final episodes will be Epic Store exclusives

The final episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, will not be available on Steam, GoG, or anywhere else. Existing owners of the season will receive the episodes in full on their chosen platform, but anyone waiting until the season is complete to buy in will only be able to do so through the Epic Store.

The Walking Dead's final season of episodic releases was cut short half way through with the news that Telltale Games, the company behind it and various other conversational tales in different gaming universes, would be shutting down. This left those who had previously pre-ordered all episodes at a loss of what to expect. Fortunately, the original creator of the Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman, and his developer, Skybound Entertainment, swooped in and promised to finish the series. He also hired on a number of the original game's developers to make it happen.

Console versions of the game will be completely unaffected.

The reason for this move wasn't initially clear, but as Kotaku reports, it may be that Epic provided some measure of financial assistance to help bring the game to completion.

"Epic stepped up to the plate immediately to work with us in order to bring the original team back together and ensure fans will receive the completed season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season," Skybound said in a statement.

The third episode this season, titled Broken Toys, will release on January 19, 2019.

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