The War Z Game Heading for Release This Fall

The War Z

A new PC exclusive MMO could be set to give DayZ a run for its money later this year, dropping players into a zombie infested world known as The War Z.

That name stinks, but the RPG gameplay does sound intriguing.

Set five years after a zombie apocalypse, the story of the game is that a new strain of undead has appeared, containing stem cells that if collected can be used to create antidotes to the zombie virus. Of course these special zombies are rare and therefore if players want to help the conversion war effort - much like text based MMO Urban Dead - they need to head into major cities and developments where the most zombies are, to find them.

According to the IGN interview with developer Hammerpoint, players will have two game modes to choose from, Normal and Hardcore. The former won't have perma death and will have some other more lax options to make gameplay a little less "hardcore," with PVP restricted to within settlements. Whereas the no holds bar game mode will be similar to DayZ - humans gunning for one another across the map and permanent death.

To begin with the only location - though still large - will be Colorado, but the developer plans to release multiple maps to explore after release. These include different places around the world, like Paris, Los Angeles, New York and more. They will all be accessible for free, without the need for additional purchases.

Those looking to get in on this game early can sign up for the beta now - set to begin in a few weeks - with the full game landing some time this fall.

Picture source: IGN