WarCry Network Has Database

WarCry Network Has Database WarCry Network Has Database

WarCry Network announced the debut of their new, comprehensive World of Warcraft Database (WoW DB). In development since December 2004, and actively collecting since May, WoW DB boasts a user-friendly interface, accurate data display and a game client AddOn, affectionately named Scout, for extended in-game features.

Now available at WarCry's fansite for World of WarCraft (WoW), Blizzard's wildly successful massively multiplayer game, WoW DB is constantly updated using data provided through its accompanying game client AddOn, Scout. Some of the features include robust NPC and monster locations with pinpoint maps, game-consistent color coding of items, clear Elite-creature notations, and a consistent data system resulting in low data errors. By installing the free add-on, Scout, players will benefit from many in-game features, such as the ability to highlight vendors, trainers, transportation, mailboxes and more. Scout is also the backbone for WoW DB, collecting real-time data for monster and NPC locations, loot drops, quests, item statistics and more.

To celebrate the release of WoW DB and Scout, WarCry is giving away exciting prizes to the top data contributors, including three top prizes of admission to BlizzCon, Blizzard's inaugural fan celebration in Anaheim, California in October. For more information on WoW DB, visit WarCry's WoW fansite.