Warhawk Refuses To Be Shared

Warhawk Refuses To Be Shared Warhawk Refuses To Be Shared Warhawk Refuses To Be Shared

One of the best selling points of PSN (Playstation Network) downloads is the ability purchase a game once and install it on five different systems.

Such a liberal policy allowed gamers to share the game with friends by logging onto their systems, downloading the game, and then logging out. Even without the original owner logged in, the downloaded game is playable by anyone who uses that console.

However, this policy was "tweaked" a bit for Warhawk. Instead of the usual User Agreement stating "One time fee for downloads on up to five activated PS3 units", the description of the $39.99 download on the PlayStation Store includes the follow snippet: "One time fee for download or use solely by the purchasing PSN account on up to five PS3 units, with no more than one activated PS3 unit within a 24 hour period. Content may not be used by any other account."

Naturally, no changes were made to the User Agreement of retail Blu-ray Disc version of Warhawk.

When asked if they plan to use the new policy for future PSN downloads, a Sony spokesman answered : "We will be evaluating each game made available on the PlayStation Network in terms of development costs, maintenance cost, server costs, and other factors. A determination on which DRM strategy will be implemented will be clearly communicated to the PSN account holder at time of purchase."