What are you playing during this holiday season?

What are you playing during this holiday season?

It's that time of year again where everyone can finally finish work, put up their feet, and relax. It's been a difficult year, and the one to come may still hold some concerns, but as we get close to putting 2020 behind us, there's hope that things could start to get a little better.

In the very near term, though, there's food to eat, drink to drink, and games to play. We're hoping on a few new games ourselves, but what is it you think you'll spend your time playing over the holidays?

I finally picked up Disco Elysium a few days ago so will be diving deeper into that to see where the twisty, turny, sottish tale takes me. I might finally bite the bullet on Bannerlord too. As a long-time Warband fan, I've been keeping a close eye on Mount and Blade 2 and its Early Access journey. I never like to dive in too early on beta games, finishing what's available before it's really finished. Bannerlord looks to be as complete in the single player sense as it needs to be for a multi-hundred hour run, though.

I still have a game of Crusader Kings III to finish too, although those games never really are. That's a Paradox staple. My last Stellaris run ended up in a century-long stalemate that saw my interest quickly wane.

But enough about me. What is it you're looking forward to playing over the holidays? Anything new you're hoping to digitally unwrap tomorrow?

Happy holidays everyone.

Image source: Kirt Edblom/Flickr