Win points in CoD: Cold War's Kilteam Dirty Bomb game mode

The next Call of Duty game, Cold War, will introduce some interesting new gameplay modes as part of its Kilteam game type. One of them is Dirty Bomb, where 10 squads of four players will drop into a map and try to collect some scattered uranium deposits, which can then be used to set off some, you guessed it, dirty bombs. These fill sections of the map with radiation, forcing teams and players together for ever more dangerous encounters. Think a smaller Battle Royale, but CoD-style.

Oh, and there are attack helicopters too.

There are also quad bikes, motorbikes, tanks, and other vehicles to shoot each other from inside and on top of, making this a little more Battlefield-like than typical CoD games.

Dirty Bomb is just one of Cold War's many Killteam game modes that incorporate 40 players on a single map in some of the largest CoD games yet. You'll be able to give it a try this weekend coming with the Cold War Beta.

CoD: Cold War is slated to launch some time in 2020.

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