Windows Vista to Follow XP

Windows Vista to Follow XP

Microsoft has finally named its Windows XP heir and has gotten rid of the Longhorn codename. Windows XP is dead long live Windows Vista. In a day which saw all kinds of Windows developments, Microsoft has named the new version of its OS, launched a basic website for it and held an event so that thousands of people could give its OS a standing ovation.

Windows Vista then, will replace Windows Longhorn and according to the fresh website, ...beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3rd 2005. Fans of Microsoft's OS are already troubled by the name and the latest suggestion, put forth by is that the new name should be WinVi, paying both tribute to Microsoft's choice of name Vista and to the fact that this version will be Windows NT 6 (in Latin numerals VI)

Microsoft has confirmed that the tagline for the new OS will be Clear - Confident - Connected: Bringing clarity to your world.

Some bits of Vista trivia for you courtesy of MegaGames readers follow:

-Vista means view which works well with the Windows part of the name.

-Microsoft is also trying to use the Vista name to imply that this version of Windows will offer new and more efficient ways of viewing files on a PC.

-A 70,000, or so, strong community in San Diego County also carries the name Vista.

-In 1965 Oldsmobile had a popular model names the Vista Cruiser.

-The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has named a few areas that offer scenic views, Vista Points.

For the (rather pointless) name announcement video from the Microsoft Vista website, follow the download tab above.