World or Warcraft will soon let Orcs and Humans raid together

World or Warcraft will soon let Orcs and Humans raid together

The Horde and Alliance are the staunchest of enemies in World of Warcraft, representing either side of a near-decades-long divide among players on every server. But not for much longer, as in the not too distant future, Blizzard will enable cross-faction play for the first time. That will mean Orcs, Humans, Trolls, Tauren, Gnomes, Dwarves and every other race on Azeroth will be able to raid and complete dungeons together.

So, once it goes live in the coming months, if you have friends on the other side of the divide, you'll be able to invite them directly into your Raid or Dungeon run. Alternatively, if you are both members of a cross-faction WoW Community, you'll be able to invite them too.

Premade groups in the Group Finder will also let different factions come together, but that will be at the discretion of the group leader, who has the ability to limit it to one faction or another.

Guilds will stay single faction for now, as will Random Battlegrounds, Heroic Dungeons, and Skirmishes, to avoid players from other factions joining without the say so of the other group members.

All participating players will be able to communicate via Party chat, but will be unfriendly outside of the instanced dungeons, so be careful when you finish what you're up to that a brawl doesn't break out.

This is all something that Blizzard has ruled out in the past, but with a declining playerbase and reduced satisfaction with recent expansions, this will be a good way to maintain a steady player base in the future.