Would Fusion Kill Wii?

Would Fusion Kill Wii? Would Fusion Kill Wii?

It shouldn't be a surprise that Wii's success has encouraged others to develop their own motion based controllers.

One such system is Gametrak Fusion which will feature a baton-style wireless handset and a base station which is connected to the console via a USB port. The handset can be used on its own, or with add-on accessories such as tennis racquets, bowling balls, golf clubs and guns to enhance the gameplay experience.

Gamertrak Fusion is developed by UK based firm, In2Games who wouldn't shy out from comparing their system to Nintendo's WiiMote. "Unlike existing products and technologies, In2Games' Fusion system does not rely upon the gamer pointing a controller at the screen or restrict the gamer to limited movements. Instead, it combines patent-pending ultrasonic and RF technologies with 3-axis accelerometers to track the precise absolute position and orientation in 3D space of almost any wireless accessory such as golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis racquets, and bowling balls", says the official press release.

One exciting function of Fusion is its ability to emulate any other motion-based controller. This allows games designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii motion controller to be brought to any other format.

"We're treating this as a platform rollout. There's going to be a major spend on marketing as well - this is a really big deal for us. The Wii is a fantastic piece of kit. But Fusion changes the playing field again - if Wii is going to be the cheaper option, we can bring the better, more sophisticated option to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC", said In2Games director Harry Holmwood.

It sure is exciting to have WiiMote like controller for PC, but how would it affect Wii and how would Nintendo react to the new threat? Gamertrak Fusion is scheduled for Q3-2007 release, so it won't be long before we find out.