WoW Bigger in Europe than in US

WoW Bigger in Europe than in US WoW Bigger in Europe than in US

WoW, the game voted at No.7 in the Top MegaGames of 2004 has become an overnight success in Europe achieving record-breaking sales in its first 24 hours since the game launched on Friday, 11th February. World of Warcraft, the company's subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has sold-through an estimated 280,000 copies at retail on day-one, selling more units in one day than what was previously thought to be the overall cumulative size of the European MMORPG market and surpassing Day 1 sales in the U.S. This figure rose to more than 380,000 units being sold-through by the end of the first weekend.

As the fastest-growing online game in European history, World of Warcraft has shattered previous records for highest number of accounts created, concurrent user populations and number of servers. More than 290,000 players created World of Warcraft accounts during the first weekend, and 100,000 of those were playing the game concurrently on the first day. A first time ever peak concurrency of over 180,000 players in Europe was reached during the first weekend. To support the European launch, Blizzard deployed over 80 servers at the World of Warcraft data centres in Paris and Frankfurt; additional servers are on standby as new players subscribe to the game.

According to Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment, the U.S. launch experience was vital in securing this level of European success. Our experience of launching World of Warcraft in North America last year has helped us to prepare for Europe by providing more boxes at launch than we had previously planned and deploying more servers from the start, which we hope will allow us to provide a smooth and fun game experience from the outset for everyone playing.

Retailers across Europe, including EB Games Europe, Game in the U.K. and FNAC in France have reported outstanding demand for the title:

Blizzard Entertainment supplied 560,000 boxes of World of Warcraft to its retail partners for launch. As additional servers are brought online and proven stable, re-orders will be fulfilled for stores across Europe, and additional copies of World of Warcraft will then be available at retail.