X-ray Anti-Cheat Software Released For Free

X-ray Anti-Cheat Software Released For Free

The New World Assembly (TNWA) Group released its proprietary anti-cheat platform, X-ray for free.

TNWA spent 1 million dollars to develop the X-ray to use it by their own tournament site Enemydown.

X-ray resides on client (player's) computers and monitors it for suspicious activities associated with cheating. When the software is suspicious enough, it sends a report and screenshot. Cheaters are then held in a database and prevented from taking part in future games using the software.

"The reason why this came about is because we had a number of smaller leagues and tournaments in the UK, the States and in Australia who approached us asking to borrow the anti-cheat software that we had", TNWA CEO Paul Sulyok explained.

"We're not in the game of saying 'no, you can't have it, everyone's got to play in our tournaments,' so we sat down and tried to come up with a solution whereby people could use the anti-cheat technology that we built, and are updating an improving on an ongoing basis."

"It's about community, it's about nurturing and helping the community - and the community helps each other. We've had a number of companies help us out in the past, and there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't feed that back in to help other communities grow as well."