XBox 2 Graphics : nVidia or ATI?

nVidia and Microsoft have had a truly whirlwind affair, as far as the XBox has been concerned. It all started well enough, with the design and release of the console, it wasn't long though, before clouds formed over, what seemed to be, a match made in heaven. When the hard times (disappointing sales) came, the relationship turned sour and a lot of finger-pointing ensued. Just as the pair where about to go their separate ways, a report in a Taiwanese economic newspaper claims the two giants have struck a design win on the XBox 2.

Will there be a happy ending for the graphics leader and the troubled giant? Unfortunately the story does not end here, nVidia vehemently denied the, Taiwanese, story and even suggested that ATI may now know more.
ATI of course claim that any reports of a graphics breakthrough on XBox 2 are premature.
So who will actually supply the graphics chip on the new design XBox2? It remains unclear, although, as time goes by nVidia seem to be moving even further from the idea of continuing their roller-coaster affair with Microsoft.

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