XBox 360 on MTV and THQ Says Go

XBox 360 on MTV and THQ Says Go XBox 360 on MTV and THQ Says Go XBox 360 on MTV and THQ Says Go

Some new information regarding Microsoft's XBox 360? console and its appearance on MTV was released today, while a big developer has pledged support for the new console and hinted at the type of games it will offer.

Microsoft's corporate VP, Peter Moore, has described the half-hour MTV feature on the new XBox as a sneak peek rather than a thorough presentation. We'll talk name. We'll show the hardware - as much as you can do in a television show... he claimed and went on to say that viewers will only get a glimpse of next-generation games since MS is saving the details and full presentations for a special pre-E3 event on May 16 and later for the E3 show floor.

Moore was also vague regarding MS's connection to the site, suggesting that understanding such complex campaigns was beyond his generation's potential.

THQ On Board

In other XBox 360? related news, THQ announced support for Microsoft's next-generation video game platform. Internal studios Relic Entertainment and Volition, Inc. are leading the company's efforts by developing new, exclusive content for the new system.

For those of you not quite sure, Relic is the studio behind such games as the Homeworld franchise and the Warhammer 40K titles so it is very possible that it will be an RTS game for the next XBox that the developer is working on.
Volition Inc. has a strong FPS pedigree with titles such as Red Faction I and II and more recently, The Punisher under its belt so it is likely that a similar type of game will be heading for XBox360?.