Xbox Controllers Are Still The Steam Gamepad Favorite

Xbox Controllers Are Still The Steam Gamepad Favorite

If you're playing with a controller on Steam, chances are you're using an Xbox gamepad of some description. At least, according tot he recent survey from Valve, which looked at the various times of gamepads people play with across the whole Steam ecosystem. It's not even close, either, with some 68% of all controller gamers preferring an Xbox gamepad over anything else. That covers Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 controllers, but it's still a dominating performance for the Microsoft branded controllers.

Coming in second place was the Dualshock range of PlayStation controller, with PS3, PS4, and PS5 controllers taking up some 24% of the total. Switch controllers snagged a few percent points for themselves too, with around 4% of all Steam gamepad gaming using the pair of Joy Cons.

What about Steam controllers, you might ask? Considering Valve's big push too make them a major alternative to the established names, you might think they'd hold a good portion of the scene themselves.

Just 2%.

That makes sense from my perspective. My Steam Controller is the backup when one of my longer term controllers breaks. Like the recent death of my Xbox 360 receiver meaning that my classic wireless from 2008 would no longer function. I've since moved on to an Xbox one gamepad, so I'm still one of the most common statistical gamers out there, it seems.

Which controllers do you use the most when playing on Steam?