Baldur's Gate 2

Improvements to the Baldur's Gate engine make the game even more rich and immersive, as well as increasing the realism, depth, and beauty of the world. The monsters are bigger and have more animation, the spells are more stunning, our environments are more varied to ensure the overall look of the game is amazing. Gameplay improvements such as fixes to pathing, better journal management, and various tweaks to the multiplayer game should greatly increase the experience for all players.

Allowing you to import characters from the first game will continue the saga of your favorite warriors or warlocks. With this game it is really advancing the immersion into the game. You'll be able to port your own pictures and sounds onto characters, adding tweaks to characters that really make a difference. Experience is usually a big problem with games as they can only take you up to a certain level of character, BGII will have a cap 2,950,000 experience points. You'll also find a new "Biography" feature that will greatly enhance the multiplayer aspect of the game. The "Biography" will be a type of dossier on your character and will let your multiplayer buddies know a little bit about your characters history

On the looks side of things the game will be using a 3D engine on the casting of spells, fog of war and water. The backgrounds and characters will all remain 2D, which will retain the almost painted look that makes the fantasy element game feel so authentic.

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