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[[Playing God]]From a spired citadel located in a remote corner of the game-world, you survey the surrounding 3D landscape. In technical terms, the game-world is constructed using Lionhead's revolutionary new, fully scalable, rotating, environment-mapped, modifiable landscape with an engine giving though-the-eye vision, bump mapping, light sourcing and reflections. [images] Dotted about the landscape are tribes of human-type creatures. From a perspective high above the clouds you can zoom in to watch these individuals going about their daily business. Just by observing them, you will find they live 'natural' lives with virtually every aspect of village life built in. Not only will the villagers plough, hunt and fish, but they will visit friends, play games, fall in love, get married. A full range of natural behaviours are designed into each tribe. The tribes are an integral part of the game. [[The tribes]]There will be a large number of different tribe types, based on parallels from past and present history: Japanese, Tibetan, Red Indian, Greek, Zulu, Cossack and so forth.Each has its own particular purpose in the game. [images] And within the game, the tribesmen will be particularly impressive. An incredibly large number of individuals might appear on-screen at any one time.

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