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Gunman is a fast-paced futuristic 3D-shooter based on the Half-Life engine, by Valve Software. Although it uses the Half-Life engine, Gunman is a completely new stand alone game, taking place in a universe unfamiliar to Half-Life veterans. All Half-Life content has been replaced, and none of the plot, characters, or items has anything to do with Half-Life. It is a full stand-alone game, and not a mod. You will not need Half-life installed in order to play Gunman.



4 UNEXPLORED PLANETS keep the scenery changing, and provide a variety of habitats for your enemies. Hundreds of realistic new textures and fantastic architecture make the levels in GUNMAN some of the best ever!


ALL NEW MONSTERS, both alien and human, inhabit the GUNMAN universe. Hordes of startling xenomes, lurching machines, carnivorous beasts, and cunning soldiers employ a variety of hard-hitting new attack strategies based on the highly praised Half-Life AI code.

[[More features]]

CONFIGURABLE WEAPONS allow players to adjust their firepower to meet the situation at hand. This is way beyond secondary fire features... we're talking programmable guns!

ORIGINAL SOUND AND MUSIC set the perfect mood in the detailed worlds

There are more than 70 levels, 1200 sound effects, 30 monsters, 19 megabytes of original textures, 8 configurable weapons, drivable vehicles, and more!


The bandits employ vehicles of many kinds including choppers and tanks.
Gunman has a variety of friendly and hostile creatures you will encounter while on your adventure.


Rewolf Software is also working on the multiplayer aspect of the game !
Gunman will be release before this holiday season.

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