Al-Qadim +4 trainer

Al-Qadim +4 trainer

Al-Qadim +4 trainer

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                L O C A L   C O U R I E R   S Y S T E M  ' 9 4
                         Senior Members
           Chener  Quackers  Gunner  The Overlord
                        Area Coordinators
              Quackers  Zartan  Miles  Eternity
                         Senior Couriers
                     Aa  Addixion  The Doc
    Hill Billy  Mithrander  King Drafus  Shadow Sniper
      Legend Master  Nighthawk  Smirk  Nomad   Tenor
       Lesuire Larry   Wits  Snake   Weasel  Shogun
      *Bamboomer  *The Swampman   *Jellybean    Chaos
                     Maddox  *Damar The Wise
    The Doc    Settler  Phat Man  Necromancer    Atari
     Lasher    Fogbank    Bit Cruncher    Sonic Speed
      Mixie-Mix  Megaman    Shadow Player    Mastech
       Wild Coyote   Deathmate  Striker    Maverick
        Gotcha  Inferno  Fast Eddie  Phax *Kalsin
         HKS    Sepultra    Extra Credit   *The Adept
          The Joker *Facsimile  Stalker  Halcyon
                   *The Eternal *Scorpion
                         Member Boards
                          S HQ Board
     Excalibur            XxX.XxX XxXx         Quackers
                           Courier HQ
     Excalibur            XxX.XxX XxXx         Quackers
     CommNet              XxX.XxX XxXx         Miles
     Infinite Timepost    XxX.XxX XxXx         Eternity
     22 Arcacia Ave       XxX.XxX XxXx         Zartan
                          Member Boards
     Rocky Mountain       XxX.XxX XxXx         Hill Billy
     Snakes Place         XxX.XxX XxXx         Snake
     Beast's Domain       XxX.XxX XxXx         King Drafus
     Deadman's Bluff      XxX.XxX XxXx         The Overlord
     Guild of Thieves     XxX.XxX XxXx         Mithrander
     Beyond the Realm     XxX.XxX XxXx         Legand Master
     Nomads Room          XxX.XxX XxXx         Nomad
     Veil of Darkness     XxX.XxX XxXx         Shadow Sniper
     The Burrows          XxX.XxX XxXx         Weasel
     Witt's Inn           XxX.XxX XxXx         Witts
     Divine Intervention  XxX.XxX XxXx         Nighthawk
     Random Node          XxX.XxX XxXx         Tensor
     Leisure Suit Larry   XxX.XxX XxXx         Leisure Larry
     Rage                 XxX.XxX XxXx         Smirk
     *Beach Bums          XxX.XxX XxXx         Bamboomer
     *The Swamp           XxX.XxX XxXx         The Swampman
     Bubble Gum Crisis    XxX.XxX XxXx         Maddox
     *Digital Sanctuary   XxX.XxX XxXx         Jellybean
     *Alien Workshop      XxX.XxX XxXx         Chaos
     *Damar's Haven       XxX.XxX XxXx         Damar The Wise
    Back for More in '94. Stronger and growing still.
    Simple mission...make the slow boards fast and make the faster boards
                     Even faster.
    Greets : To all the major groups on the scene...You know who you are
             You make us and we support you.
    * - Denotes trial members or couriers


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This is almost always a false alarm.

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