Alpha Centauri +5 trainer

Alpha Centauri +5 trainer

Alpha Centauri +5 trainer

Text file description:

                            S I N C E
                         1 9 8 5
                        Razor 1911 Proudly Presents:
                          Alpha Centauri Trainer +5
                             (c) GruntWare[tm]!
    Supplied By : MiNiSteR                    Release Date : Jan. 16, 1999
     Cracked By : Bob and Co               Protection Type : As if
                                                # of Disks : 01 X 2.88
                       Game Notes & Crack Information
 A kick *** turn based game that can be quite hard at time.  Well I've
 taken a little bit of that difficulty away with a trainer that has some
 intersting features.  I always have problems with food managment so I
 took it out of the game, I also made it so you can highlight a town and use
 both of the max options.  It's not just for town 1 but the last one that
 you clicked on.  A warning with the tech advancment, I think everyone
 get's it so be careful.
 Max out Nutrients, Max out building points, Lock Money so you can spend
 like a madman without checking if you even have enough.  Lock nutrients
 don't worry about food.  Super Advance to all techs for all people
                                                     MiNiSteR / RAZOR 1911
                            Install and Rip Notes
 Just start the game and then run the trainer.  Hit the start button and
 then go back into game.  Use the ingame keys that you can get by clicking
 on the info tab.
                                                     MiNiSteR / RAZOR 1911
                            Razor 1911 Greetings
    Group : Hybrid, Origin, Paradigm, clASS, PWA, Drink Or Die, Siege, RiSC
 Personal Greets to: The Punisher, Phluke, Manhunter, Toast, EvilTEA, TK4,
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                     Butcher, and last but not least, a big Razor greet to
                     everyones' mom!
                     Razor 1911 News & Announcements
 Well well well, here it is boys and girls. 1999 already. And who is here
 to bring you only the BEST in PC gaming entertainment? None other than the
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               Do you want to be a part of the RAZOR legend?
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        Do you want your site/board to be part of the RAZOR legend?
   If you run a  site/board  and are ready to contribute to the success
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   if you plan to just sit there and run a board/site, forget it.
                      You may reach us via E-mail at:
                       Razor 1911 World Wide Web Site
                       Razor 1911 Founder's Web Site
                          Razor 1911 For Supply-Mail
                                (No Name)
                                Suite 189
                                2611 North Hiatus Road
                                Cooper City, Florida
                                USA  33026
                (Or simply ask to join #RAZOR on EFNET IRC)
       enjoyed this product, BUY IT!  SOFTWARE AUTHORS DESERVE SUPPORT!!
*This File was leeched off The Cheat Compendium @ DLH.NET*
*            check out ****://             *
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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