Blackthorne energy and item trainer

Blackthorne energy and item trainer

Blackthorne energy and item trainer

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                                         1 9 1 1         <JED>
                        Razor 1911 Proudly Presents:
          An Energy and Item trainer for Black Thorne *full release*
    Trained By : WiDGET                     Release Date : 16 December 1994
     Game Type : KiCKASS ARCADE/ADVENT.      Game Rating : 9/10
   And here we are again after a littl' period of just doing nothing but
   leeching (thanks to pharao and big balls), shit happened in the scene
   and even when you read both sides of the story (i'd like to refer to
   genesis.nfo of blackthorne for one side) you have to come to the
   conclusion that something wrong happened in razor. Since nobody reads
   nfo files included with trainers anyways i'll stop this shit. Just
   aint happy with group politics. We'll see what the future brings.....
   Back to real life, didnt bother counting the options coz there only TWO!
   Well that is, i think its two but i know a lot of trainer coders who
   would easilly have released it as +9 but that just sucks.
   Okay so here we go : energy has been trained so just confront all the
   bad boiz (Copyright DD'94 - hi there) and blow them away. Second
   option is an item trainer, you have 8 item slots on the right side
   of the screen so there you go ONE option! The item values range from
   0 to 10 for:     0 - unused          6 - levitator
                    1 - keyhole         7 - bridge key
                    2 - iron key        8 - remote wasp
                    3 - switch          9 - bridge control
                    4 - heal potion    10 - fire bomb
                    5 - hover bomb
   Dont bother writing it down coz i included the same list at the end
   of the options. Just change to value of a slot and your item is set.
   If you wanna have hover bombs available all the time, just toggle it
   and thats fixed too. Last part of this stupid cq boring nfo, the level
   codes:      STRT     TJ1F     PBKT
               SJ5Z     GSG3     TNLQ
               DBQ7     BMHS     FMWY <--- END SEQUENCE
               FBWC     Y4DJ
               QP7R     HCKD     Its very likely i made
               WJTV     NRLF     some mistakes in typing
               RRYB     JGBZ     these levelcodes so if i
               ZS9P     MJXG     did just take a hexlister
               XJSN     K3CH     and view the end of BTHORN.EXE
               CGDM     L8VJ     Thats all.
   That all, now the fun part greetings:
   Dr.Detergent, Leatherman, Germanator, Blue Sky, Taz Devil, Wilkins,
   Hermes, Big Boss, Hot Tuna, Silverfox, Grimlock, Bluewater, TSA, Ace,
   Takashi, Malvern, Dr.Insanity, Fanfan Latulipe, Dark Overlord, Shinobi!
   Randall Flag, Coroner, Pharaoh, Big Balls, Wolverine & Blackhawk(+Wife)
                         The Gods at Razor 1911 Are:
             Beowulf, Big Balls, Big Boss, Bit Manipulator, Blackhawk
   The Brain, The Cardinal, The Comanche, Dark Overlord, Eos, Fallen Angel,
   The GEcko, The Ghost Wind, Hot Tuna, The Intimidator, Jack, Jake Pickett
     James Bomb, Lord Thinker, Marauder, Max Xevious, Merlin, Night Blade
        Network, Pharaoh, Phoenix, Randall Flagg, The Renegade Chemist,
      The Resistance, The Speed Racer, Sun Dancer, Wayward, Widget & Zeus
                  Razor 1911 : The Elites of the Trading Scene
            Captain Willy, The Cardinal, Celestial Wizard, Criminal
            The Dutchmen, Jester King, King Lear, Malicious Intent
              Pagan Lord, Pharaoh, Primal Scream, White Viper
                    Skybum, White Viper, Wyvern, Third Sun
                          Razor 1911 : European Elite
            Bubble Man, Cremator, Digital Justice, Elvin Nox, Faldo
                 Hero, Low Cyl, The Master, Mister Big, Rage,
                    Raw Liquid, Retaliator, Slain & Toadie
                        World-Famous Razor 1911 Boards
    The Assassins' Guild       World HQ        11 Node(s)    Blackhawk/R.Liq
    Xenocide, Inc.             Courier HQ       6 Node(s)    Intimidator
    Razor 1911 USA HQ          USA HQ          10 Node(s)    SoD Sysop
    Aquila                     Euro HQ          5 Node(s)    The Brain
    Beyond Akira               Member Board    10 Node(s)    Pharaoh
    Central Station            Member Board     2 Node(s)    Widget
    Industry Standard          Member Board     4 Node(s)    Sonny
    Robin's First Orgasm       Member Board     5 Node(s)    Big Balls
    The Silo                   Member Board     6 Node(s)    The Comanche
    The Street Spydrs          Member Board     4 Node(s)    Maverick/GEcko
    The Wall                   Member Board     7 Node(s)    Roland/TGW
    Damaged or Defective       Dist Site        4 Node(s)    White Noise
    Dreams of Insanity         Dist Site        1 Node(s)    <undisclosed>
    Mega-City                  Dist Site        3 Node(s)    Powerslave
    The Dream Theatre          Dist Site        3 Node(s)    Attitude
    The Private Collection     Dist Site        3 Node(s)    Wildchild
    The Psychodelic Mushroom   Dist Site        1 Node(s)    The Kiefdevil
    Reggae Muffin              Dist Site        2 Node(s)    Illegal Error
    The Scooter Dome           Dist Site        3 Node(s)    Scooter
           So, You're Interested in Becoming a Razor 1911 Courier.
    Razor 1911 is always on the lookout for talented new couriers.  If you
    think you are good enough to join the ranks of the elite, fill out one
    of our courier applications (file in this release) and get
    it up to us on one of our boards.
          So, You're Interested in Becoming a Razor 1911 Dist Site.
    If you run a 3+ node board and are ready to contribute to the success
    of the oldest cracking group on the IBM, get in touch with us.  All of
    our sysops are actively participating in the success of the group, so
    if you plan to just sit there and run a board, forget it.  Contact us
    on one of our boards or talk to your local Razor member for more info.
                       You May Reach us Via Modem At:
                                Logon : RAZOR
                                Pword : RAZOR
                   Super NES & Sega Backup Units Available!
                 Call 1-800-FAIRLIGHT for more information on
                    the hottest deals and how to get them!
       enjoyed this product, BUY IT!  SOFTWARE AUTHORS DESERVE SUPPORT!!
 Hatched by:
 GamesNet International       ASCII PICCY :
                             (C) 1994 INSANE MADMAN
 ZONE 100!
 The GamesNetwork
 With nice BRE league !
                           BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE
                         PLAYiNG COMPUTERGAMES
                 For info contact one of the HQs listed below
   HQ I   : Saxenheim BBS, Vierhouten (NL)
            31-(0)5771-1035   VFC 28K8
   HQ ][  : TH Rijswijk BBS, Rijswijk (NL)
            31-(0)70-3401534  VFC 28K8
            31-(0)70-3401540  VFC 28K8 (Mail only)
            31-(0)70-???????  USR HST (Mail only)
   HQ ]I[ : Games Unlimited BBS, Zoetermeer (NL)
            31-(0)79-425544   ZYXEL 19k2
            31-(0)79-428374   VFC 28K8
                 Lots of echo mail area's and a nice file flow
                 Games Network International........JOIN US !!


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