Blues brothers trainer

Blues brothers trainer

Blues brothers trainer

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INC '91 Presents!
The Blues Brothers Trainer
Based on a crack by Hard Core of TRSI-TDT
Trainer keys are as follows:
		Grey Plus key   - Activator key
		F3              - Unlimited men toggle
		F4              - Unlimited health toggle
Game keys: F2 - toggle sound on/off
		  F5 - Restart game
Version 1.0 -
	This game is pretty fun. There are six levels to complete in this
game. The first five is where you have to get all the items necessary
to start your concert. The items needed are as follows: guitar,
microphone, camera, picture, and a contract. Each level has only one
of the items. When you get it, you then have to find the flag or
flags depending if you have one or two players playing. Once you find
it/them and you have the item as well, you will advance to the next
	The ending to this game is pretty lame. They should at least have
some kind of text that you finished or maybe the game credits.
	Ok, for your safety, there will be a trainer verifier coming out
soon. All you do is run it and it'll check the trainer to see if it
indeed is a legit file. Doing this will prevent you from running a
virus trainer that some low life is sending out.
	Also, reboot after you're done playing. The game somehow doesn't
like how I'm changing its code.
	Last thing is that the Ninja Gaiden II trainer I did will also work
on the EGA version as well. No update is needed.
Notes: Two more dist sites have been added. They are The Closed Gates
(818) run by Dr. Hellraiser and Rivendell (201) in New Jersey, run by
Force Ten.
- Rescue Raider [INC]
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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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