BReWErS Hellgate London v1.35.44.4020 DX9 (+5 Trainer)

Hellgate London v1.35.44.4020 DX9 (+5 Trainer)


Hellgate London v1.35.44.4020 DX9 (+5 Trainer)

Text file description:

     brings you..
              Hellgate London v1.35.44.4020 DX9 PLUS 5 TRAINER
       Release Date [ 12/27/2007
        Release Size [ 1x5.00mb        Platform  [ WinXP
        Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ ACTION/RPG
                                       Supplier  [ ISO: ViTALiTY
                                                   UPDATE 0.6 ViTALiTY
    Xmas has passed for 2007 and team BReWErS is very proud to present
    you guys this +5 trainer for Hellgate London. This game has been
    keeping us busy for a very long time. But we are very proud to
    present the first 'scene' trainer for this game. This game has been
    an incredible adventure to work on so stay tuned for more!;).
    Our trainer is designed for the latest patch, which is nicely
    nicely cracked by ViTALiTY. So make sure you use the following patch:
    Lets continue with the ingame hotkeys.
    If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure to run the
    trainer in administrator mode. Right click the trainer - Properties
    - Compatability and choose to run it as administrator.
         #    Hotkey              Option
         1    NUMPAD1             Toggle Infinite Health
         2    NUMPAD2             Toggle Infinite Power
         3    NUMPAD3             Add 5000 Palladium
         4    NUMPAD4             Add 10.000 Experience Points
         5    NUMPAD5             Add 10 Attribute Points
    NUMPAD1: Toggle Infinite Health
    Here we present you guys an infinite health option. Like the title
    you will get infinite health and you can't be killed.
    NUMPAD2: Infinite Power
    Here is a infinite power option. Enable this option and you can use
    your power as often as you want.
    NUMPAD3: Add 5000 Palladium
    Enable this option and every coin/ palladium you pick up will give
    you 5000 extra palladium. Palladium is cash in this game;).
    NUMPAD4: Add 10.000 Experience Points
    With this option enabled you will get 10.000 extra experience points
    for each monster you kill. Just notice, this game is having a very
    complex engine. It checks your current level and the level your enemy
    is on. This prevents levelling up incredible fast. So it could be
    that even with the option enabled you won't get experience points
    after killing a enemy much lower in level than you are. Don't blame
    us, blame the programmers.
    NUMPAD5: Add 10 Attribute Points
    When you have gained a new level you will be given attribute points.
    You can use these points to change the stats of the current player.
    When changing the statw your attribute points will lower down BUT with
    this option enabled when you use attribute points to get better stats
    you will gain 10 more attribute points to spend;).
       1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
       2. Run the trainer from the desktop or place trainer in game dir
       3. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run
          game button and follow the steps on the screen.
       4. Toggle desired Options on/off
    Team BReWErS is currently looking for
      * 100mbit+ affil sites
      * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
      * Legit shell supplier (EU prefered)
    Don't hesitate to contact us at
     Greetings are flying out to:
               All friends in the scene. You know who you are.
                       biggup the uri gellar bevsters
                         ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    

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