Cat Girl Alliance (Unlocker)

Cat Girl Alliance (Unlocker)

Cat Girl Alliance (Unlocker) [FAS]

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              ____/\_____________/\_____________/\____________ __
          '  \_    _________/    _      __/    __________ _
       n    __/    _______/__/    __    _/__/______    _/_/     .....'
     '    _  \_   f |:::::::\_     |     a\_     |     s:::....:...:
   ::     .. ::\____|::: ::::\____|       >:\____'      >::  | :
   .        .::::\__|:::::::::::\__\______/::::\__\______/::: '  :
            ::::::::::::::::::::::\_____/::::::::\_____/::::  d9:....
                         Cat Girl Alliance *Unlocker*
  Date.........: 2010-08-03                         Files........: 01 x 5.00
  Company......:                  Language.....: English
  Requirements.: Cat.Girl.Alliance-FASiSO
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Game Notes
  Unlocks all extras:
  - Graphics
  - Scenes
  I am Tachibana Eiji, a regular transfer student. Everything was going fine
  at my new school, but I was in for a shock one day when I discovered the
  class president Rumi and my classmate Natsuki having sex in the school
  infirmary! Not only that, it turned out that Rumi was a futanari - a
  hermaphrodite with something between her legs I wasn't expecting to see.
  That evening when I got home and got a call from Rumi to come and meet her,
  I knew it couldn't be good - but the first thing she said was, "won't you
  join us?"
  According to her story she'd been a futanari from birth, and because of
  this had an unquenchable curiosity regarding the ways of sex. She'd gotten
  to the point where having Natsuki as a sex partner wasn't enough... she
  told me she was planning to train our classmate Shizuko as a sex slave!
  Shizuko, a neat freak famous for her disike of her male classmates, had let
  it slip to Rumi that she was secretly very curious about sex as well...
  Faced with no other options, I had no choice but to accept Rumi's request
  to join her and her comrades in their erotic schemes... and from that
  moment I was bound to these cute and "ecchi" kitties in their catgirl
  Featuring multiple paths that range from amorous romantic play to kinky
  "training" sex, animal girl cosplay galore, and deviant themes from light
  bondage to exhibitionism, this cute and sexy romp through fantasy school
  life from G-Collections and Japanese maker Sekilala is one you won't want
  to miss!
  __/          _/
   :\____      i >:
  ::::::\_____/::'              Installation Notes
  1. UnRAR into install directory and overwrite (make backup first because
     that file also contains the savegames).
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Group News
  We bring you games that other groups do not do. We are different, like us
  or hate us. You think some games that we release are crap? We do not care
  because we think that scene means that every game should be released.
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Greetings
       PWZ - TNT - PROCYON - GOW - WARG - Razor1911 - ADDONiA - GENESiS
   If you enjoy this game, please buy it! Developers deserve your support!  

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