[DARKNeZZ] Chaser *German* (Levels Unlocker)


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Chaser *German* (Levels Unlocker)

Text file description: 

D A R K N e Z Z Chaser Plus 2 Trainer Release Date..: 23th June 2003 Cracked by....: TEAM DARKNeZZ Protection........: - Number Of Files...: 1 G A M E N O T E S Trainer options: CTRL + F1 = Freeze Ammo CTRL + F2 = Freeze Amor CTRL + F3 = Resume to normal DARKNeZZ since 2001 /Team DARKNeZZ G R E E T S STN - FAiRLiGHT - GiMPSRUS - ESI BLZ - DFStars - Battery - LAG ascii: bob2k!LAG

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