Close Combat 3: The Russian Front editor

Close Combat 3: The Russian Front editor

Close Combat 3: The Russian Front editor

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<title>Close Combat III: The Russian Front - Requisition Point Manager</title>
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<p align="center"><font size="4">Close Combat III: The Russian
<p align="center">Requisition Point Manager</p>
<p align="center">Version 0.1</p>
<p align="center">[00-07-02]</p>
<p align="center">Copyright (C) 2000 Tony Sangre</p>
<p align="center">&nbsp;</p>
<p align="left"><u>Requisition Point Manager</u></p>
<p align="left">Is a save game editor for Close Combat III that
lets you tamper the requisition points of the sides in the game.
In other words, you can give yourself 3000 points to buy some
more armor, a few Panthers perhaps, and freeze the budget of the
<p align="left"><u>How do I use it?</u></p>
<p align="left">Start the Requisition Point Manager (RPM) and
open the File menu. Select &quot;Open a saved game&quot; and find
the saved game you want to edit.. You can now edit the req.
points of both sides(German/Russian). Possible values are between
0 and 30,000. Notice that you have to re-edit the saved game
after each battle.</p>
<p align="left">Don't forget to save the changes before you exit
the manager. </p>
<p align="left">As you probably know, in Windows 9x you can swap
between the programs currently running. That works for the game
and the manager too. You can do some adjustments to the game and
go back to hunt some T-34s. Just remember to first save the game,
edit the saved game and finally load it again.</p>
<p align="left"><u>Any questions or feedback?</u></p>
<p align="left">The author is can be reached at <a
href=""></a>. </p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;</p>
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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