+1 Trainer Survival: The Ultimate Challenge (+1 Trainer)

+1 Trainer
Survival: The Ultimate Challenge (+1 Trainer)


+1 Trainer

Survival: The Ultimate Challenge (+1 Trainer)

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                           E   N   C   H   A   N   T
                           p  r  e  s  e  n  t  s
          Survival: The Ultimate Challenge Trainer +1
     CRACKER  : TEAM ENCHANT             RELEASE DATE : 09/09/2001
     TRAINER  : TEAM ENCHANT             DISKS        : 1x2.88Mb
     SUPPLiER : N/A                      PROTECTION   : N/A
                                         OS           : Win9xME
     Release Notes
     Here comes an Enchant trainer for the game Survival: The
        Ultimate Challange. It'll put your characters' thirst,
        hunger, energy and health to 100. "Hope" won't be set... but
        it seems like it should mainly stick high while the other
        stats are high(well, it dropped when they were attacked).
        So... have fun ;)
        A little note to the ignorant nukers that would not even
        bother reading our nfo-notes before nuking the M.A.D. title;
        No offence Divine, but the version you guys released wasn
        final version of the game, final webversion just not final
        STORE VERSION (last version released of the title).
        Somewhere around two months ago DEViANCE released their store
        final version of BG2: Exp only a week after FAiRLiGHT released
        "their" version, difference? A few bytes of the readme file
        and ofcourse the FAiRLiGHT version got nuked for not being
        So what we would like to ask you nukers is simply; How can you
        approve DEViANCE version of BG2: Exp but still nuke ENCHANT?
        There were size difference between the divine version and the
        enchant's store final version as well as several other changes.
        As you guys already showed how ignorant you can be i wont waste
        any time listing the new features of this title, i think as a
        nuker it's your responsibility to check out releases, even
        though i highly suggest you re-think your future actions
        and test titles before taking action.
        - Signed Sjh of ENCHANT
     Install Notes
      - Unzip into the gamedir.
         - Execute trainer, select, and run game.
         - Njoy
     Group News
      Contact- & Application Info:
         - You are a cracker with experience in Cracking/Debugging etc
         - You can code dynamic/generic intros/installers/tools
         - You can supply unreleased NEW programs.
         - If you can meet one or more of those requirements then
           apply at once.
         Contact us via Efnet: #enchant or via email: enchant@gmx.net
     Groups   :  Class, Divine, Fairlight, Paradox, SAE, Zenith,
                    Pirates Gone Crazy, Beyond-Vision.
                     Logo and layout by: Eboy/SAE
               Last updated 09/09/2001 by MSY

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