Far West (Campaign Unlocker)

Far West (Campaign Unlocker)


Far West (Campaign Unlocker)

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              .: DARKNeZZ :.                                  art^dfs
                         Far West Trainer (c) DARKNeZZ
                                GAME NOTES
    Trainer options:
    Q = Freeze Money  (Press during the game)
    /Team DARKNeZZ, 09th Nov. 2002
                                GROUP NEWS
   If you're interested in one (or more :) of the following postitions,
   contact us now!
   - Experienced cracker (DSL or faster connection required)
   - 10mbit+ EU or US Affil sites
   - Experienced Traienr maker. Apply now.
   - Eggable Shell supplier (legal, fast euro shells)
   - 2mbit+ Eu Dump sites
                        DFStars - iZUAL - Battery
                                CONTACT US
   IRC...: #DARKNeZZ
   MAIL..: DARKNeZZ@Herzeleid.net
   Web...: www.404.nu
                                                   last update 09/01/2002
                 Header & Layout done by artik from DFStars


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